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Welcome to the National Wellness Conversation

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Over 20 million of us can’t manage our money

11.5 million have less than £100 in savings

Nine million of us are in serious debt

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For too long, financial health has been invisible. While many of the UK’s largest employers put in place physical and mental health strategies, they are often failing in their duty to promote good money management and encourage positive education, conversations and tools which can help people with their personal finances.


What is the National Wellness Conversation?

The National Wellness Conversation shines a light on the aspirations of ordinary people – regardless of age, job title or salary – and uses them to demonstrate why businesses must take a far more proactive role in improving the nation’s financial health.

Britain’s Biggest Talking Points

Home Ownership



Credit cards

Util    ty bills



How does your household spend compare to the UK average?

The ‘cost of living’ is a phrase that’s rarely out of the news, and increasing bills and prices in the shops appear to back up the claims that our household spending is on the rise.

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We can’t separate money worries from our mental health

It’s hard to dispute how important our mental health is, yet we can often be blind to how closely our finances and mental health are interwoven. This Talk Money Week I want to let you know that if you are having money issues, you are not alone – and there are people who can help. Do not suffer in silence.

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Why we keep money secrets in relationships, according to Relate

Polling released this week by the Money and Pensions Service (MaPS) for Talk Money Week 2020 (9-13 November) found that 23% of us who are in relationships suspect our other half has kept a money secret.

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